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Organic and fair trade fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum), popularly known as methi, has a delectable resemblance to maple syrup in taste and odour. Since biblical times, this oddly named spice has been used to help mothers increase breast-milk production. In addition to our fenugreek powder, you can also find fenugreek in our curry powder medium and curry powder sweet. Our fenugreek is fair trade, certified organic and grown in Sri Lanka.

The Plant

The fenugreek plant is medium in height with oval, three-tiered leaves. In early summer white flowers appear and develop into long, slender pods containing seeds. The small, stony fenugreek seed is cube-like in shape and yellow to amber in color.

Health Benefits

An excellent source of protein, vitamin C and potassium, fenugreek can help manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as increase breast milk-production. Studies have shown that diosgenin, a key compound of fenugreek, can increase breast milk production by as much as 900%! One explanation for this phenomenal effect is that fenugreek’s ability to stimulate sweat production must similarly affect the breasts, as breasts are essentially modified sweat glands. The herb also contains phytoestrogens, chemicals similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. If you take concentrated amounts of fenugreek to increase milk-production, take note that your sweat and urine will smell like maple syrup. Don’t worry! This is just your body signaling that you’ve reached the right dose. In India many people attribute low national levels of arthritis to the healing powers of fenugreek. Fenugreek leaf tea is believed to ease arthritic pain as well as cure the common cold. Its seeds are also very high in fiber, so take a few seeds with warm water before bed to fight constipation.

In the Kitchen

Used as a flavoring agent in imitation maple syrup, fenugreek seeds are also found in curry powder, pickles, and pastes. Toast the seeds to bring out a cumin-like taste.

Our commitment to the environment.

Our packaging uses minimal plastic.  Plastic is triple laminated to preserve freshness. Outer packaging uses craft paper which is 100% recyclable.  These are for displaying in retail stores. To go further in our quest to be more sustainable, these items will be shipped without the outer package, unless otherwise requested.  This reduces packaging waste and the carbon footprint.  Shipping bigger items creates a larger carbon foot print because of more transportation weight (more gas consumption). Our products default to being shipped out in environmentally friendly packaging. If you prefer they ship in displayed packaging please choose the appropriate option on each product as you add them to your cart.

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