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CeySulin® - NPN 80128778 | HST # 856518212

Unlock the power of nature with CeySulin®, a premium natural health product approved by Health Canada. Crafted from the finest certified organic Ceylon cinnamon powder, CeySulin® capsules offer a convenient and effective way to support your overall health and well-being.

Why Choose CeySulin®?
1. Premium Quality: Our capsules are made from certified organic Ceylon cinnamon powder sourced from Fair Trade plantations in Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon has four major grades (Alba, Continental, Mexican and Hamburg). Alba is the finest and Hamberg is the lowest in quills. Quillings #1 and #2 are broken pieces of all of the four grades. Most Ceylon cinnamon powders are made from grinding Ceylon cinnamon chips which cannot be used in quills. CeySulin is made from grinding Continental grade Ceylon cinnamon.

2. Health Canada Approved: CeySulin® is approved by Health Canada under the Natural Product Number 80128778 as a Natural product that helps to support/maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

3. Natural Support: Ceylon cinnamon has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its remarkable health properties. From supporting healthy blood sugar levels and aiding digestion, CeySulin® offers natural support for your body's needs.

4. Convenient Capsules: Incorporating Ceylon cinnamon into your daily routine has never been easier. Our convenient capsules allow you to enjoy the benefits of this potent spice without the hassle of measuring or preparation.

5. Very low content of coumarin compared to regular cinnamon: Regular cinnamon capsules in the market is made from cassia cinnamon (unless it says Ceylon cinnamon) that is known to have coumarin levels of approximately 1%. Coumarin content in Ceylon cinnamon is approximately 0.004% which can be considered negligible even when ingesting regularly. chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://www.bfr.bund.de/cm/349/faq-on-coumarin-in-cinnamon-and-other-foods.pdf shows the TDI (Tolerable Daily Intake) of 6 mg of coumarin for a person that weighs 60 kg. If you are taking 4 g of cassia cinnamon per day you will be taking 40 mg of coumarin per day (calculation for 1% coumarin). That is six times more than TDI. With 4g of Ceylon cinnamon per day as in CeySulin® you will be ingesting 0.16 mg of coumarin which can be considered negligible.

6. Fair Trade: Through history, the spice trade including Ceylon cinnamon has created many wealthy empires by colonising chunks of tropics. As a legacy of colonisation spice growers are still poorly paid. By supporting Fair Trade, you make the world a fairer place for spice growers and their families.

Our commitment to the environment.

Our packaging uses minimal plastic.  Plastic is triple laminated to preserve freshness. Outer packaging uses craft paper which is 100% recyclable.  These are for displaying in retail stores. To go further in our quest to be more sustainable, these items will be shipped without the outer package, unless otherwise requested.  This reduces packaging waste and the carbon footprint.  Shipping bigger items creates a larger carbon foot print because of more transportation weight (more gas consumption). Our products default to being shipped out in environmentally friendly packaging. If you prefer they ship in displayed packaging please choose the appropriate option on each product as you add them to your cart.

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