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Organic and fair trade cardamom powder.

Cardamom (or cardamon, scientific name Elettaria cardamomum) has been used medicinally in India for thousands of years. With a peppery, citrusy flavour, cardamom is one of the healthiest spices you can add to your recipes. Enhancing both sweet and savoury flavours, it is excellent in baking, rice dishes, curries and soups. Our fair trade and certified organic cardamom is grown in Sri Lanka.

The Plant
Cardamom is extracted from the fruit of a large perennial bush, (2 - 4 metres in height), that belongs to the ginger family. The plant’s small, yellowish-green seed pods are 1 - 2 cm in length and consist of three spindle shaped compartments filled with small black seeds. In cross-section, the pods appear triangular in shape.

Harvested in late fall, cardamom is sold in three ways: whole seed pods, seeds, or powder. At Kurundu, we sell both the whole pod and the powder. Purchasing cardamom in pods gives you the extra assurance that the spice’s essence will be preserved over time.

Health Benefits
Cardamom is a power spice. Both a detoxifier and digestive aid cardamom helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys and soothes digestion by releasing excess abdominal gas. Rich in fiber, this super spice also lowers blood pressure. In addition, cardamom is often used to treat respiratory allergies, asthma, and throat illness.  According to traditional Indian medicine, cardamom tea can even help fight depression.

In the Kitchen
Toss in a cardamom pod or two along with some turmeric to create colourful rice dishes bursting with flavour. And when the feast is over, chew on some cardamom. It makes an excellent breath freshener and helps keep your teeth clean!

Our commitment to the environment.

Our packaging uses minimal plastic.  Plastic is triple laminated to preserve freshness. Outer packaging uses craft paper which is 100% recyclable.  These are for displaying in retail stores. To go further in our quest to be more sustainable, these items will be shipped without the outer package, unless otherwise requested.  This reduces packaging waste and the carbon footprint.  Shipping bigger items creates a larger carbon foot print because of more transportation weight (more gas consumption). Our products default to being shipped out in environmentally friendly packaging. If you prefer they ship in displayed packaging please choose the appropriate option on each product as you add them to your cart.

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